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Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training




Level One Immersion Program

28-day onsite residential immersion in Española, New Mexico
Saturday, August 5, 2017 4:00 p.m.


Friday, September 1, 2017 8:00 a.m.


(Fulfillment of course requirements continues through Feb. 1, 2018)






The Immersion Experience - A 27-Day Journey to the Self and the Soul

  • Immerse Your Self within the Self

  • Dive Deeply

  • Experience Your Infinity

  • Become a Kundalini Teacher


Immerse Your Self within the Self

Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training


How do we decide to change our lives? What is it that calls us here, to this land, to this experience? Where does that longing to be authentic, to experience the Self come from? It is the call of soul and the answer can be found here—within you.





Within you is a seed—the call of the soul—answer it. Deliver yourself to your highest destiny—become a Teacher—and serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, love and grace. Apply your character and your commitment to the cultivation of peace and harmony all around the globe.

Your journey begins here...take this first step in the Kundalini Research Institute's The Aquarian Teacher. This dynamic three-tiered program is the most unique and experiential yoga certification program available anywhere!




Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher!






Your Story.  Your Words.


Your Experience!

Amy Britton

My Story

John Bennet

My Story

Irene Herrera

My Story


Sangeeta Kaur (Heather Ferri)

My Story

Mukanday Kaur Moore

My Story

Madelaine Palko

My Story





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"If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it."

- Yogi Bhajan